Lower eastside service center (LESC)

Website overhaul for this established NYC health center

Visual Design

brand design

webflow development

in Collaboration with

LESC stakeholders and board members
Double Haul Digital for product and project management

With over 50 years of experience under their belt, LESC is one of the go-to addiction centers in the NYC area. This non-profit needed a website that reflected the level of commitment and service they provide to their clients.

Overall project goals were to create a clear and cohesive website that focused on donors, people seeking treatment, prospective employees, and especially to provide information to the array of referring agencies that rely on them. 

BrandingWe started with establishing branding objectives to guide the overall look and feel as well as tone of the copy. I created a brand exercise board in Trello for stakeholders to use to identify LESC brand attributes. Stakeholders then narrowed that down to a final set that we could use to define the rest of the project.

Sitemap and wireframesNext we generated a sitemap, focusing the navigation on the opioid treatment options, versus all their services, as it was determined this should be the focus of their business and the part they wanted to call attention to. I then created clickable wireframe in Webflow, which made talking through concepts and envisioning the final product much easier for the stakeholders and help streamline the project timeline and costs.

Mood boardsOnce wireframes were approved. I created two mood boards, based on our brand attributes, to help set the general direction of design. A direction was selected and finalized before moving on to design.

Design and developmentThe final approved mood board was then applied across the established wireframes to set the design of the entire website. Adding in subtle animations and hover effects, calling attention to key components, as well as parallex backgrounds, helped to create the modern website they were looking for.

Visit the LESC website

Thanks to a great team effort we have a website that we are proud to showcase.

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