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the portfolio of Lesley Marker

I’m a digital product creative with a deep understanding of user-centered design, focused on creating impactful digital products and experiences.

a little about me

As an independent digital creative director and hands-on designer for digital products, I partner with companies, teams, and colleagues to create successful solutions to complex design problems. I focus on clean, efficient and user-friendly design. I revitalize products and brands by employing visual hierarchy, space, color and typography to establish a compelling and uniform visual language.

I have designed independently and on staff, as a team leader and a team player. My approach is straightforward, practical and efficient, driven by critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving. 

Currently, I work as an independent designer with companies that need an experienced high-level, hands-on designer. By quickly understanding project needs and specifications, I create modern approaches to their digital products, graphic design, and branding needs.


Creative Direction
Design Strategy
Digital Product Design
UX Design
Digital Prototyping

Brand Identity
Marketing Design
Print Design


Solera Health
Diplomat Pharmacy
Everyday Health

Hunter College
Chicago Public Media
Wiley Publishing