Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy

Digital product redesign for patient care innovators

Creative direction

interaction design

Visual Design

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Doublehaul Digital for product and project management

As Innovators for patient care, Diplomat wanted to deliver on their brand of clinical excellence through better user experience in their suite of digital products for patients and providers.

Diplomat customers are patients with complex or chronic conditions. The company's mission is to blend clinical excellence with a personal touch—for happier lives and health that lasts. Our task was design digital products for patients and providers that delivered on those messages.

Products included:

User ExperienceIn order to to reflect Diplomat's oval mission into the user experience of their products we established some parameters to design by. Update user expression and navigation to be clear and directive to the user, minimizing decision making until necessary.

Mood Board
To define the visual style of the products we presented mood boardseflecting these attributes:

We presented 3 mood boards. Version 1, see example below, was chosen as stakeholders felt it reflected the brand the most as well as integrated well with the overall corporate branding.

DesignPrototype mockups for iPad and mobile devices to be used in user testing and stakeholder approval were created in Adove XD. Visual design was based on approved mood board. Prototypes were created in Invision App.

Finished ProductsWebsites


Honestly Jenn, it’s beautiful. I am in awe of the redesign and how much cleaner, and intuitive it is. Huge kudos to you and the team!

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