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Public Good product management

Public Good is a platform for causes that accepts donations on behalf of all 1.1 million nationwide nonprofits. 

Their platform empowers people to Take Action when they have read about an issue and are motivated to make positive change in the world. In order to expand audience engagement Public Good wanted to explore a chat-style embedded experience.

The project began with initial concepts from Public Good, but it took several collaborative iterations in Sketch before arriving at one that seemed to work best with 3 different branches. Another visual challenge was to make the experience noticeable, yet not like an ad, which was achieved by retaining the content site’s branding and avoiding large imagery.

The result is a unique conversational interface that speaks directly to the consumer about a topic they are directly interested in. Initial runs have proven successful and have shown an increase in user engagement as well as garnering additional partner interests.

Below is a simulation of the experience. This would be at the end of an article related to a particular cause.

Screens were created in Sketch. Making the copy blocks symbols helped alleviate the need to change the text in every screen as we went through different copy concepts. The tiered layout helped me track the branching.

Lesley Marker has two (of many) talents I want to highlight. One, she is a talented designer who solves problems and makes the solution look good. Two. she is absolutely one of the most collaborative, project-first/ego-second creatives I've had the pleasure to work with.

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